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sometimes i just

i saw the picture and was like oh dear lord what is this

i must say there’s always surprises on tumblr

i’m gonna piss my pants

I just… I can’t…

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We’re thinking of declaring the end of our driveway a protected wetlands, except we have to drive through it every day. (We’re trying to avoid the deep puddle where the taddies live.)

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Sometimes when I’m feeling down I like to remind myself that once, on /v/, I sang A Whole New World, as Jigglypuff, with a guy doing a solid impression of Professor Oak.

i didn’t know i needed this until now

oh my gOD

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if you’re ever with a group of people and everyone is arguing loudly about many different things just yell I WILL TAKE IT! I WILL TAKE THE RING TO MORDOR!

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a pumpkin walks into a restaurant,

there is no punchline but i think you should drop what you’re doing and run because that’s fucking terrifying why is there a pumpkin walking around all willy nilly and why is nobody concerned

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what if walt disney wasn’t called walt disney ? what it he was called like james roberts

there would be no such thing as disney channel
just roberts channel :(

there would be no disneyland
just robertsland

wow everything has changed

stupid james roberts

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every time I find a youtube video with comments disabled I wonder what kind of shit went down

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fat because sad

sad because fat

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submitted but lots of people. credit to whoever created it. it’s genius.


submitted but lots of people. credit to whoever created it. it’s genius.

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Plot Twist: We all lose our social anxiety and order our pizza’s through the phone without hesitation and nervousness, we successfully greet everyone at family gatherings without jumbling up words and asking “how are you” twice, and we lose the habit of practicing to say our orders before saying it to the waitress.

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how is it possible to love fictional characters this much and also have people always been this way?

like, did queen elizabeth lie in bed late sometimes thinking ‘VERILY I CANNOT EVEN FOR MERCUTIO HATH SLAIN ME WITH FEELS’ 

was caesar like ‘ET TU ODYSSEUS’ 

sometimes i wonder

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Today Jojo draws a scene from The Last Unicorn.

While Jojo is in France, I’ll be posting some non-Remembered Heroes comics that we did together.

This was originally published in The Devastator, a quarterly humor magazine. Click on that link if you want a hard copy of it, which will also have other great things.

Also for people who ask what Jojo’s art looks like when she’s not “goofing around,” this is pretty much it.

More to come…

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